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[JP on PC]Change Keyboard or Keypad

posted by Saigneur on - last edited - Viewed by 597 users

I've launched the game the first time and i've choosed Mouse in option when the game asked me. But I'm French and my keyboard is in AZERTY not in QWERTY and I can't change controls in the game, but my question is : How can I change and choose Keypad config and not the Keyboard/Mouse config ?


J'ai lancé le jeu la première fois et j'ai choisi la souris quand le jeu m'a demandé avec quoi je jouais. Mais je suis français et mon clavier est en AZERTY et pas en QWERTY et je ne peux pas changer les controls dans le jeu, mais ma question est : Comment je change et choisi la config Manette mais pas la config Clavier/Souris ?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Do you mean Gamepad?
    You can choose between Mouse and Gamepad in the game's settings/gameplay menu.
    If you have problems with the AZERTY Keyboard, there's no Key Configuration in the game as far as i know. It's not a perfect solution, but you can use the Arrow keys instead of WASD or try if setting your Windows Keyboard settings to US gets you correct Keyboard controls in the WASD area of your keyboard.
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