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TV Shows!

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What kind of TV shows is everyone into?

For me:

The Office (US): I've been into this show since the first season and I love it to death. I haven't seen alot of the 3rd season though. Not having cable and all...
LOST: I got into this last year by renting the entire first season on DVD and being blown away. The Ethan episode is still my favorite. I bought season 2 really cheap and haven't seen any season 3 episodes yet. I prefer watching them on DVD.
Scrubs: I recently got into this and find it hilarious even though some episodes can be better then others. I watch it late at night while at work so I've seen random episodes throughout the series.
South Park: recently got into this show too. I know... It can be hit and miss.
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  • at the moment:
    CSI: I don't like the New York spinoff and Miami is hit and miss, but the original series never fails to entertain me.
    Desperate Housewives: I'll watch any good comedy series (see below..), and having all the vindictiveness and intrige of a soap-opera parody makes this one especially interesting.
    Medium: A psychic detective, but with powers that aren't at all flashy and exagerrated and where more often than not they are only the beginning of the investigation. The DA is always quick to point out how little he can do with information obtained "in the usual manner", even in the rare cases where it is clear and specific.
    Top Gear: Plain hilarious even if you're not specifically crazy about cars (I know, 'cause I'm not).

    past and generally speaking:
    Most any major non-dutch comedy: For at least the last decade or so I have a habit of spending some weekly quality time with my mom watching all kinds of comedy series. I think we've seen almost every internationally popular comedy series at some point.
    Alias: Crazy intrige and more over the top than some of the worst Bond movies. Loved every minute of it.
    Various cartoons: I have a bad habit of turning on such channels as Jetix and watching all kinds of things I'm too old for. No one series in particular, though.
    Various anime: You mostly have to get these through "other channels";). Some are very good; some, not so much..
  • The Wire.. the last season was the greatest season of television ever made :)
  • Just now...

    Spaced! Brilliant, just brilliant.
    Lost Who doesn't?
    Scrubs Can be really really funny at its better parts
    and Kenny vs Spenny Two funny idiots competenig in wierd competitons, I love that show :)
    Oh, and I also follow House from time to time...
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Yay Spaced! That's an awesome show.

    Is it on in some capacity in the US yet? My British friends from Idle Thumbs and Mixnmojo pushed Spaced on me a couple years ago and I was verry happy for it, but haven't really seen it in the US, despite Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz being really well received.
  • At the moment, I only really watch Spooks (that's MI-5 for you North Americans) fanatically. I have a soft spot for British television, and this series is just top notch. It's about MI5, obviously, and although heavily dramatized of course, the drama is just great. Very strong characters played by awesome actors - in short, highly recommended!
  • All I really watch on TV now is Doctor Who. It's a bit hit and miss sometimes, but it's still a good show.
  • The Prisoner ~ So what if it was from the 60s? It was one of the best shows ever made and it would make a phenomenal adventure game.

    Dead Like Me ~ Clever, dark, funny, and charming. It only made it two seasons, but it easily could have run longer...

    Lost ~ I haven't gotten to watch last night's episode yet. That's okay, withdrawal symptoms are fun. Only three more hours until I can watch it.

    Family Guy ~ "Peter: Lois, um, go get the medical dictionary and look up "fork" and "lung."
    Lois: Why?
    Peter: Time is a factor, Lois. "

    Futurama ~ Great cartoon. Silly and serious. 'nuff said.
  • anyone here fans of "the IT crowd" ? father ted/black books
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    Jake wrote: »
    Yay Spaced! That's an awesome show.

    I've never seen it anywhere on US TV (but I do not get BBCAmerica so I don't know about that. These kinds of shows often end up on PBS too). I heard about it from SquareJaw and Doug and bought the Collectors edition disks with both seasons. It's awesome. :)
  • Does anyone think I'm crazy to suggest that Zach Braff would make an awesome Guybrush for a Monkey Island movie. He's got the voice and the personallity and if he died his hair it would be perfect.
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