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TV Shows!

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What kind of TV shows is everyone into?

For me:

The Office (US): I've been into this show since the first season and I love it to death. I haven't seen alot of the 3rd season though. Not having cable and all...
LOST: I got into this last year by renting the entire first season on DVD and being blown away. The Ethan episode is still my favorite. I bought season 2 really cheap and haven't seen any season 3 episodes yet. I prefer watching them on DVD.
Scrubs: I recently got into this and find it hilarious even though some episodes can be better then others. I watch it late at night while at work so I've seen random episodes throughout the series.
South Park: recently got into this show too. I know... It can be hit and miss.
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  • Blarg, I hate TV. I really, really, really hate TV. And I hate cable and satellite too, because that's just TV with a pricetag on it. The only shows or channels I can stand are history channels, sci fi, discovery, and if there is a good movie on.
  • The only tv-series that I sticks to is CSI (Las Vegas). I like sci-fi, love Star Trek: TNG, heard about Battlestar Galactica and trying to find the first season DVD. I watch mostly Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic and ESPN or StarSports for English's Permier League.
  • Dexter! you gotta watch that
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    Jennifer Moderator
    The only show that I like that's currently on is Monk.
  • You may regret asking me this :)

    Current TV I enjoy:

    30 Rock <-- Current Favorite
    My Name is Earl
    Good Eats <-- Like cooking, science, and puppets? This might be your show
    Andy Barker, P.I. <-- Better than I expected
    Boston Legal <-- Hit or miss fo me... William Shatner and James Spader are generally enjoyable though
    American Dad
    Family Guy
    Battlestar Galactica
    The Daily Show
    The Colbert Report
    Robot Chicken <-- Quality!
    Eureka <-- Had some writing and pacing issues, but seems to be improving
    Reno 911
    Everybody Hates Chris
    The Venture Brothers <-- Very awesome

    Past shows I enjoyed, at one time:
    Arrested Development
    Dead Like Me
    ... this list goes on for quite a while :)
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    Alton rules!

    Have you ever seen Ace of Cakes? I have fun watching that show. :)

    This is his bakery.
  • Okay, i'll start my list
    My name is earl(uk so i'm on season 1)
    Family guy
    American dad
    South park
    My family
    Have i got news for you
    and i'll stop before i make the post too big
  • "Dexter"
    "South Park"
    "The Colbert Report"
    "Riget"(Danish mini-series later "remade" as "Kingdom Hospital")
    "Twin Peaks"
    "The Lost Room"(although a mini-series, I hope it will become a tv-series one day :D )
    "Prison Break"
    "Boston Legal"

    And there are a few Norwegian comedy-shows I'll mention just to confuse those who can't speak the language:
    "Rikets Røst"
    "Uti Vår Hage"
    "Åpen Post"
    "Team Antonsen"
    "Tre brødre som ikke er brødre"

    That should cover most of it. :rolleyes:
  • I forgot to add Spaced to my list :(

    Also, I just watched series one of The IT Crowd today... great stuff (Plus some bonus Chris Morris as the boss). I'm a fan of Graham Linehan's shows in general, so it worked out :)

    Apparently there's a US version coming next month, continuing NBC's recent Office-inspired trend of importing and reproducing shows. First The Office, then Thank God You're Here, and now apparently The IT Crowd. It does have the same guy as Moss though, which is a good sign.

    I'm not really a fan of Thank God You're Here in either incarnation, though. It always seems like it'd be funnier if it were more improv and less a series of leading questions by the cast. "Oh Doctor! Wasn't there something you wanted to say to the patient?" Is less funny than letting the guest just improv for himself, I think.
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