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TV Shows!

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What kind of TV shows is everyone into?

For me:

The Office (US): I've been into this show since the first season and I love it to death. I haven't seen alot of the 3rd season though. Not having cable and all...
LOST: I got into this last year by renting the entire first season on DVD and being blown away. The Ethan episode is still my favorite. I bought season 2 really cheap and haven't seen any season 3 episodes yet. I prefer watching them on DVD.
Scrubs: I recently got into this and find it hilarious even though some episodes can be better then others. I watch it late at night while at work so I've seen random episodes throughout the series.
South Park: recently got into this show too. I know... It can be hit and miss.
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  • That's why it'll never be as good as Who's Line Is It Anyway (either version). That show has me crying with laughter almost every episode.

    (Speaking of crying with laughter, tonight's Family Guy had me busting a gut with the "following a fat guy around with a tuba" gag... Mark my words: I WILL recreate that some day)
  • hey, quiet... that episode hasn't aired here yet :p

    And I agree about Whose Line, although the US version was slightly less good thanks to Drew Carey, who really isn't very funny when he joins in.
  • Oops, forgot about timezones... but worry not, my minor spoiler was cancelled out by your calling Drew Carey "not very funny", which is tantamount to calling Carrot Top "hilarious" :P
  • I said he wasn't very funny in Whose Line, not in general. I actually did like the drew carey show. I just don't think he's a good improv comedian.
  • Arrested Development was friggen AWESOME!
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    I Agree, Too bad it was cancelled.
  • Comedies:
    Arrested Development
    Family Guy
    Best Week Ever
    The Soup
    Everybody hates Chris


    The Amazing Race
    Ace of Cakes
    And looking forward to Pirate Master
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