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TV Shows!

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What kind of TV shows is everyone into?

For me:

The Office (US): I've been into this show since the first season and I love it to death. I haven't seen alot of the 3rd season though. Not having cable and all...
LOST: I got into this last year by renting the entire first season on DVD and being blown away. The Ethan episode is still my favorite. I bought season 2 really cheap and haven't seen any season 3 episodes yet. I prefer watching them on DVD.
Scrubs: I recently got into this and find it hilarious even though some episodes can be better then others. I watch it late at night while at work so I've seen random episodes throughout the series.
South Park: recently got into this show too. I know... It can be hit and miss.
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  • I can't remember how that one went, but it does sound familiar...
  • Ryan Stiles is absolutely brilliant..perhaps the best improviser in the world.. the problem with the US version is they had ryan and colin in every single episode.. in the UK version they always mixed it up with different improvisers.. thats what kept it fresh for 10 years.. the US version was just the same thing repeating.. shout out to greg proops also.. mike mcshane also a genius.. if you ever saw him and josies lawrence song about cat litter..funniest song ever
  • I think Ryan was in like 99% of UK episodes too, though. I always enjoyed Greg Proops' cricket hoedown :)

    Clive Anderson > Drew Carey, btw
  • Oh here's something I can talk about for hours... however I will not...

    But right now:

    Heroes - Best TV Show right now
    Lost - Close 2nd
    Family Guy, American Dad - Actually prefer AD theese days since FG has lost a little of its former greatness
    24 - Jack Bauer, our favorite psycho :)
    Scrubs - I'm a big fan of practically everything Zach Braff does
    Criminal Minds - "Dead Like Me" ended and I had to see what Mandy was up to next. I really like this show as well
  • Too bad the bald Canandian guy and the young dude(the commedian who is sometimes there and when he is, is usually paired with Wayne Brady) only appeared at the who's line is it anyways? at Davis a few months ago
  • My favorite show is CSI I watch CSI:MIAMI and CSI:NY to but i dont like them so much.
  • looks like another resurrection

    my two favourite programmes are sliders and firefly (both cancelled but both brilliant)
  • To be honest, I'm not a fan of TV. There are only 3 shows I like on TV: Family Guy, South Park, and Married... with children.

    I guess I can say that I like FLCL but it was only six episodes, + I have them on DVD so I don't consider them TV.
  • What is this, Night of the Living Dead Topics? :D

    Yeah, my favourite shows are Firefly, 'Allo Allo, Father Ted and Spaced.
  • I preferred Black Books to Father Ted :)
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