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TV Shows!

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What kind of TV shows is everyone into?

For me:

The Office (US): I've been into this show since the first season and I love it to death. I haven't seen alot of the 3rd season though. Not having cable and all...
LOST: I got into this last year by renting the entire first season on DVD and being blown away. The Ethan episode is still my favorite. I bought season 2 really cheap and haven't seen any season 3 episodes yet. I prefer watching them on DVD.
Scrubs: I recently got into this and find it hilarious even though some episodes can be better then others. I watch it late at night while at work so I've seen random episodes throughout the series.
South Park: recently got into this show too. I know... It can be hit and miss.
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  • Linque;47094 said:
    I'd say Dexter is the most interesting and well put together series that's currently running. At least of the mainstream series. It has actually improved upon the already brilliant first season.
    Dexter is brilliant at the moment.. did you see the last episode? woo! :eek: The final season of "The Wire" starts in january..don't want to miss that
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I just finished the second season of The Wire and am enjoying it a lot. It's nearly time to order the next DVD.
  • Jake;47113 said:
    I just finished the second season of The Wire and am enjoying it a lot. It's nearly time to order the next DVD.
    Season 4 is me.. Can't wait to order that season on DVD
  • Badwolf;47101 said:
    I think this might interest you:

    It sounds as though it might pick up again.
    This week's episode was pretty awesome. IMO. Actually changed my opion of Ub3r-Creepy Stalker West. A feat I thought was impossible.
  • Well on the City of Heroes boards they have been calling Mohinder Mohinduh, Dohinder, oe various other variations lately. :D

    Also they have been proclaiming that he has the power to always mess up and/or to do teh wrong thing.
  • Zomg at the last Dexter ep. :eek:
  • Linque;47437 said:
    Zomg at the last Dexter ep. :eek:
    Unbelievable!! Please don't die doakes :o
  • I love watching Pokemon,Naruto, Dragon Ball z.I never miss them.And shows which are good but i don't watch them regularly are Prison Break,CSI,Desperate Housewives,House,Burn Notice,CHARMED ,HEROES,LOST.List is too long.
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