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What do you do when you're stumped?

posted by Dave Grossman Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 2.7K users
So, there's a common thing that people who play adventure games do when they start to get stuck, which is to methodically go through and try using everything in their inventory. I'm wondering what else people do when they're out of ideas -- for example, maybe you take your hand off the mouse and think, or you wander around through all the environments but don't click on anything, or you go back and talk to all the people again. (Maybe you immediately go look on the forums for a hint or call your brother-in-law for advice.) What's your approach?
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  • 1 When I get stumped I go back to see what I've missed.
    2 Then I start to think in a more logical way.
    3 After this I try combine everything with everything and talk with everyone again. Sometimes I go back to previous saved stages to redo the steps.
    4 Then I get away from the game, sleep and the next time, try to see the things with a diferent perspective. I can hold this for 2 or 3 days.
    5 By now, I considering to look online walktroughs. I really start to walk trough the house, thinking.
    6 I look online help.

    Usually works on the step 2 or 3.
    I'm playing Monkey Island 2 and I got stuck in the governor Phatt book part. I'm on step 5 and had this logical tought. I have to take the book without him noticing. Then come the Indiana Jones idol scene and everything fall into place. There's no better sensation!
    But happens situations like the Kate Capsize near-grog puzzle. I had missed the part that the barman say about her having a near-grog bottle. Neither the barman or Kate talk about this anymore later. There's no way I could know how to solve this puzzle. I keep trying to win the grog contest in all of silly ways. I was piss to look for online help and piss to realize that the puzzle was solved that way! It's curse the designer time!!
  • When I'm hopelessly, hopelessly stuck, I generally just try everything with everything, even if I know the combination is illogical. But I'm not always provided with an interface that allows me to do this very quickly, or sometimes the environments are simply too vast to permit the use of such tactics. It's in these cases that I will turn to a walkthrough. But I generally try my best not to.

    However, with that being said, when it comes to twiddling puzzles, I will almost invariably seek out walkthroughs.
  • In this day and age I am happy that a game gets me stumped for a change and doesn't shine a hint button in my face or just is so easy that this doesn't happen.
  • 1.) Combine all items together
    2.) Cry
    3.) Got to GameFAQS
  • DAISHI wrote: »
    1.) Combine all items together
    2.) Cry
    3.) Got to GameFAQS
    Replace 'Cry' with 'Scream in Frustration' and you've got my list as well.
  • Replace 'Cry' with 'Scream in Frustration' and you've got my list as well.

    I would have thought you were the manifestation of serenity after the way you sneaked past the sheriff in his office in Simon the Sorcerer 3D. If I had managed to force myself to play that game at all, I probably would have given up on it then.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Replace 'Cry' with 'Scream in Frustration' and you've got my list as well.

    What now, Darth? No scream of agony over a massively necroed thread? :o
  • I must not scream. Screaming is the mind killer. Screaming is the little death that brings total obliteration.
  • Also you have no mouth. So even if you must scream.
    Wait where was this one going...
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