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Glitches (SPOILERS)

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I found one in the beginning. Where I was looking at stuff with Jess through the binoculars. Well, I looked at the dino, and after she acknowledged it and then went back to her binoculars.. she looked at the same dinosaur again and deja vu, repeated herself with the same dialogue with her father asking "where did it go?". Thankfully it didn't do it 'again'.

Kinda weird and it broke me away from the characters a bit. annoying.. but I overlooked it. There are sometimes volume spikes I noticed too, where they might say something and it's UBER loud compared to what they were just speaking prior. And then I also notice that the music cuts, instead of being fluent from a scene to next scene, or the end of a scene (fade to black), it'll just cut out.

I know this isn't due to my machine because I have a high end graphics card with X-Fi audio for gaming. I can play Battlefield 3 even on my 260GTX Nvidia PNY Special Edition. 4gig RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.00Ghz

Glitches should be sticky.
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  • I'm not sure if this is a glitch, but I wanted to use my gamepad for it, but it wouldn't work with the game, then when I've tried to switch back to Mouse, the option to do that is no longer there, only the subtitles option. Has this happened for anyone else?
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