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The Mosasaur.

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Can we all agree that was flat-out terrifying? I've always been terrified of the water and any huge things that might be living underneath it (oddly enough I probably have video games to thank for that), and that scene...brr. The fact that it was so quiet just made it worse.

Anyway, good job scaring me, Telltale.
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  • It was one of my favorite parts in the entire game, actually. I liked the pacing, the atmosphere, the mosasaur, everything. A very nice scene, indeed.

    *hugs Anthony* There, there. We're on dry land, my friend! :D

    Edit: I love the "Water" theme in Super Mario 64, so thanks for reminding me of its awesomeness.
  • I have to salute Nima, Gerry, and Jess for getting in the water with that thing. You couldn't pay me enough.
  • Yeah. It definitely was a splash, let me tell ya.
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