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Very Disappointed!

posted by Kikstar92 on - last edited - Viewed by 782 users
I'd just like to say that so far I'm very disappointed with my purchase of the Jurassic Park game. Not the gameplay, but the game itself refuses to install on my mac. I installed it on my brothers pc and the game works but very poorly. Delays are frequent and the load procedure does not work properly. This is the first time I've bought something from Telltale Games and it has been nothing but trouble thus far and according to many other threads, I am not the only one. In fact, i think I'm part of the majority. I paid $50 for this game and not been able to play it at all so far. If anyone agrees with what I've said, please share cause the more complaints, the better!
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  • dude... it's a mac. What where you honestly expecting?
  • You DID click to install the mac version on your mac computer right? and not the PC version? and it sounds like you are having graphics problems, try lowering the settings. Worked perfectly fine for me on my laptop. I don't see why a desktop computer would be having problems.
  • No problems running or installing on my iMac.
    Try to install once again..
  • yes i clicked to install the mac version, 110% sure...i have a macbook pro, my brother has an older, less advanced dell laptop which it 'works' on but very poorly...Just tried installing it again on my mac, waited 2 hours, it finished, then it says the download has been 'interrupted' aka it doesn't work...
  • Oh okay, I just saw your other thread. Have you emailed [email][/email] yet? If not, I would. and include your issue, your email address used to place the order(or your order number) and your system specs you put in the other thread.
  • No I haven't emailed them yet cause the guy on my other thread said he'd take it up with someone from telltale games. But thanks for the link cause I think I'll go ahead and send an email
  • Yeah I saw that and they're usually pretty fast at responding...Staff have been sitting on this forum the past 2 days helping people. They might have missed it or the 1 or 2 that saw it didnt have an answer. At least in email form, it can be passed around easier if they need to.
  • yeah they were very fast yesterday but over the past 24 hours i haven't received any help. Just thought I'd make this thread to catch their attention because I'm so keen to play this game, properly!
  • I'll pop in here. I did pass it along, but there are other people who are having trouble too. It's always a good idea to send out an email yourself, sometimes messages get lost in the pile. Kikstar, I hope it gets fixed soon!

    On an unrelated note, I'm a girl, not a guy. :-)
  • Ah awesome thanks very much! Yes I've sent the email and its been confirmed, just gotta wait for the personal one. Ohhh crap very sorry, MISS!!
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