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i figured i would start a suggestion box for the next csi game, anyone who wants to, can comment on my ideas or make a list of your own below mine

here are a 10 ideas i have for you guys to make the next game even better than the current one,

can someone from the crew please get back to me and say if any of there are feasable, of if you are already going to place them in the next game

1. have at least 10 cases, do a 2 disc game if you have to and be able to work with a couple of csi's on each case, like case 5 of the current game with catherene and grissom

2. try to have better graphics and detail, most of the people that buy these games have decent gaming computers, and you can make a game that will push these computers, and can you get rid of that stupid loading screen

3. do more than a one room lab, be able to go to multiple rooms in the lab, and have each lab have a purpose Ex. av lab, ballistics lab, dna lab, the garage, and be able to move around these rooms at will

4. have a actual 3D kit where you can drag the tools from the kit and use them
and can you make more creative use of the tools, like use a uv light in combination with the camera to photograph a bruise, and can you have it so you do more with the tools Ex. peel the back of the the lifters then fold them when you are done, mix the plater, lumonal, and mikrosil your self, dip the brushes in the powder before you start using them, and have to place evidence in envelopes and baggies then seal them with tape

5. can you a make interactive virtual autopsy, where you cut open the victim and perform the autopsy yourself as Dr. robbins

6. have more cinematics including your own rendered "csi shots" and i credit like into to the game, make it feel more like the tv show, and have more animated things in the game, such as prople walking around, newspapers blowing in the wind, make the tv's have a loop longer than 30 seconds, and have traffic going around in areas with roads visable, another thing you can do is have the clocks and watches in the game display the actual time on the users computer

7. have more characters from the show in the game, such as the cororners assisstant, more detectives and not just brass, and the lab techs, also HAVE THE ENTIRE CAST PROVIDE THEIR VOICES and not just the male actors

9. be able to actually process the evidence in the lab, and not just click and drag it to a machine, Ex. fire the gun your self into a firing tube and retrieve the bullet, and be able to mix the solvents like in the tv show before placing the things in the various machines, and also have to use a scanner for things like shoe treads and fingerprints

you can have each lab tech in their perspective lab room to offer help on how to use the machines, and on that note, have more than just one thing in each room, have the trip be worthwile

10. finally, can you have the mobile analysis unit as a location you can always go to, and not just have it only be usable twice in the game (have it be avalable at every crime scene), and can we set up the lab ourselves, Ex. open the back, put up the tables, pull out the cases, open them, plug in the laptops, and boot the machinnes

everything i listed will make the game more immersive than any of the previous games, including the current one

every suggestion i made above comes down to 2 phrases

#1 i want to do as much as i can, and i want to do it myself

#2 i want to feel like i just stepped into my monitor and walked into the las vegas crime lab
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  • Ok, so I know I'm not a Telltale emplyee, but I just felt like replying anyways. I think the most pressing question concering alot of these suggestion would be: Does the general gaming public want to do "menial" tasks? Do they REALLY want to pick up the garbage, do the dishes and brush their teeth before they go to bed, or would they rather click on the bed, without having to do those things first, and rather have the game have them do the heroic/exciting stuff?

    I myself don't really know, I think a non-forced route is good, as in that you can do alot of things, and they may be rewarding, but not necessarily required to progress the game. Although I loved Shenmue just because of the reasons that you start off doing everyday stuff, and gradually turn into a hero. But that's an entirely different beast altogether.

    But don't get me wrong, alot of great suggestions. I'm just saying, do most of these suggestions improve the game for the average joe schmoe, or just for you and a select few, while making the game less interesting for alot of others? Just thought that was a valid point, that needed to be adressed. If you don't agree, well.. Shame on you. Hehe.
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    you raise a good point, but............i would like to be able to do more in the next game

    i am talking little things that add to the immersion of the game

    things such as,
    doing a virtaul autopsy.........instead of listening to Dr. robbins talk about one
    firing a gun your self........instead of watching a movie clip
    having a rendered 3d kit, instead of a button select system

    i like to do things........but i do not like to do them so much that they become repeative, and if you just have one or 2 of these things in a case, they will turn out to be more fun than booring

    i like to have the feeling that i am doing it myself, and that the computer is not leeding me along (even though it really is)

    i will admit that some of the stuff i put was a little over the top ( like setting up the moble lab your self ) but most of the other stuff will help the game both in immersion, and gameplay length

    on that note, maybe they should have options to turn that stuff on and off..........for those like you who just want the game to do the case for offence to you apignarb
  • We're on the same note anyways. I haven't gotten my paycheck yet, so haven't played the new Telltale CSI game, but indeed in the old ones there was much "thanks for the evidence, now you can go to the computer and let it solve the case for you".

    As you say, if people feel the need to have their hand held, there could be different difficulty settings. That not only are "easy ways out" for the developer, like removing the highlights for clickable areas/object (thus making it into a pixelhunt/clicking spree), or related stuff. But instead difficulty settings that actually force you to do more real investigating.

    So, to finish off: I thought your main idea was valid (and I agree), just that some of the points you brought up was a little over the top.
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    Dangerzone, with the goals you listed, have you considered enrolling in a Forensics program at the University? Then you could carve up bodies to your heart's content! Don't wait for a new game!! 8)

    You'll be interested to know that our tech advisor, Daniel Holstein, is teaching a class in Vegas - and as part of the class one year he even flew his students to the CSI set in L.A.. I'm tempted to enroll myself.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments. I always take it as a good sign that people want more - it means we're doing something right, even if there is more that can be done, so thank you. It also means we didn't oversaturate the experience by giving too much of a good thing. (Return of the King burned me out on LOTR for a good long time!)

    You make many good suggestions. As developers, you'll be happy to know that we can do pretty much anything - for a price.

    We were able to make the current game (a darn good one) on a tight schedule and budget.

    So if Ubisoft ever decides to do another CSI game, they would need to consider how much it costs to design and implement each of those ideas. Very often, it's a balance between what's the most bang for the buck. Adding another case is a big bang - but it's also big bucks!

    And some things, like hiring all of the actors, are out of everyone's control. Naturally, it was important for all of us to have the women in the game too, but it didn't work out for reasons beyond our control.

    Feel free to keep the suggestions coming, just in case we do another one.
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    as apignarb said some of the ideas are quite problematic when it comes to gameplay (for example would you really want to play a game where you should sign all the papaerwork :D ).

    my suggestions to the next game -

    1) more twists - one of the basic problems with the game stories is that the murderer will be usually the last guy youll get an questioning warrent for.

    2) another idea is to add more "optional evidence", and rate the sucess of the quality of the evidence he collected (probabilty of conviction in this case)

    3) add some more non-linearity , for example there are several ways to question the suspects (agressive, good cop bad cop and so on), and each way will result differently.
    or for example - you might decide at some point to work not by the book - and while you might get some evidence, you might as well ge punished by the scoring system.
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    You have to decide who you are catering to; this is supposed to be a casual game, not a simulation. I dont think any players would want to have to perform an autopsy - first, you never see the CSIs perform autopsies in the show - secondly, autopsies are boring; for the most part you take body parts and organs out, wiegh them, measure them, note them down and move on to the next part.

    I think walking around an environment is a cool idea - like the multiple lab rooms, but virtual autopsy should be reserved for another game - maybe one based on City Coroners or something.

    R McD
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    I would be interested to hear feedback from players:

    (why wait for a consumer survey report from Ubisoft)

    What was your favorite part of CSI:3D?
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    i was talking about a stylised, short to the point autopsy...........and not have to do all the boring stuff

    in real life as a have document everything, and photograph everything multiple do not have do that to EVERY object and thing in the game, only a select few, it can be the same deal with the virtual autopsy

    and in respoce to your question greg...........i like the parts when you mess with the guns (i am a bit of a redneck at heart)

    my only complaint with that is that you could have gone more in render all 12 parts of a semiautomatic handgun, have them be removable, and be able to load and fire the gun then remove the bullet from the firing tube all by yourself.........and not have a animation

    oh and F.Y.I............most crime labs do not use water tanks anymore.........they use firing tubes filled with small rubber balls

  • oh and F.Y.I............most crime labs do not use water tanks anymore.........they use firing tubes filled with small rubber balls
    Everytime I watch CSI, they have a new way test-firing a gun. Water tanks one day, a really thick ballistics gel on another day, and now rubber balls. I'm starting to think they're making stuff up now just so it won't be repetitive. Next they're going to test fire into a vat of pudding with Oreo cookies at the bottom. Gotta work that product placement in there somehow.
  • [quote]
    oh and F.Y.I............most crime labs do not use water tanks anymore.........they use firing tubes filled with small rubber balls
    Everytime I watch CSI, they have a new way test-firing a gun. Water tanks one day, a really thick ballistics gel on another day, and now rubber balls. I'm starting to think they're making stuff up now just so it won't be repetitive. Next they're going to test fire into a vat of pudding with Oreo cookies at the bottom. Gotta work that product placement in there somehow.[/quote]

    Great, now I want oreos. Thanks a lot :p
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