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Sorkin vs. Harding - Extinction or Survival?

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Just thought I'd pose the question - would you rather allow the dinosaurs to survive on the island, free of the lysine-dependency but with the small chance of something getting off the island, or destory the island and kill all the dinosaurs, thus halting the evolution of a species wiped from the planet long ago but sending species extinct forever. Or would you take the dinosaurs off the island and onto the mainland?

It's your choice, but I have to say destroy the dinosaurs. They aren't on the planet anymore, and they aren't ready for our world. They are a different species, a whole new class of animals. How could we, seperated by them by millions of years of evolution, possibly know what to expect? One of many possiblities is that they could bring a new disease and change the planet. Or they could spread far more rapidly than even turtles. Not a clutch of 200 eggs - a clutch of, say, 1000. And those 1000 would lay 1000 more. 1000000 that fast. It just goes on...(sorry if I sound a bit paranoid, I'm very opinionated). The theroy is dinosaurs are like birds. But that's just a theroy. And anyway, I don't believe in most theroys - after all, they are just a guess. And who's to say the dinosaurs are what we guess them to be? (Naturally, I won't end up working as a scientist).

To sum it up, in the words of Jack Forman from Micheal Crichton's book Prey, "They didn't understand what they were doing.
I'm afraid that will be on the tombstone of the human race.
I hope it's not.
We might get lucky."

So what are your thoughs? Save or destroy?

Oh, and please don't start a really heated debate. This is just for fun. (Although I guess that I did make it seem really serious)
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  • Keeping it fun -- not serious...

    What exactly is a theroy? :)

  • Considering that it's not conceivable for an animal to swim that far to shore and the fact that the pteranodons would be lysine dependent, I don't think it's absolutely necessary to eliminate the entire island population.
  • I think the dinosaurs are too much of a threat. Even if they can't swim to shore, some greedy corporation would bring them to the mainland (like InGen tried in JP2 and look how that ended).
  • I'm not sure it could be considered cruel to keep them alive, while on the other hand IN-Gen created them, they have a responsibly now to keep them alive. Then again of the public don't know about dinosaur's existing on a remote island IN-Gen can do what they want with their own product. It's tough.

    I'd have to say carpet bombing is a little excessive. I'd use toxic gas.

    Then attempt to re-build and re-stock the island with new security, all the fences would be separate from the security grid. In fact it would be a manual process. I think being that's what I'd do if I were Peter Ludlow.

    The mainland idea is a terrible, terrible idea....Whoever decided "let's make Jurassic Park on the mainland in a populated area, in a small amphitheatre"

    It's THE worst design EVER. Plus the mainland didn't have the right temperature or plant/animal life.
  • What do you use IN-Gen. Have you ever seen the films? It's InGEN.
  • SWGNATE;562178 said:
    well in Jp2 and i assume 3 InGen owns both isla sorna and isla nublar even though both facilities are destroyed. and hammond monitored sorna regularly after hurricane clarissa, i think nublar would have done fine untouched but i wouldnt mind seeing a film about the park succeding....they just need to use common sense...a petting zoo full of protoceratops would be fine by me....
    Common sense like not hiring a computer programmer with a financial grudge against you, fully automating most essential park systems, or having a hippy environmentalist on your staff?
  • dont blame it on any of that, the person you have too blame for is dennis nedry, he is the one who shut off everything, even though he could of just shut off the security cameras, he wasnt relizing that while he was out he could of got eaten, its not exactly ingens fault for this, it is in one way though, but that is the only person capable with the security, and things like that, so i blame it all on dennis nedry for shuttuing down the power, what an idiot ehh
  • Nedry may be at fault for shutting down the power, but if Jurassic Park hadn't been designed to run with minimal staff, then there might not have been any problems. Not only that, but with Sorkin's tendencies to want to protect the animals, the Troodons were alive and on the loose. She even suspected they'd gotten out before the fences went down.
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