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Which Ending Do You Like Better? (Spoilers, obviously)

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So naturally, I had to play through the finale segment twice to see the two different endings (there are only two, right?) and I wanted to see which one everyone preferred.

Personally, I'm torn. I liked Nima so, of course, I do like the ending where she survives and gets to live happily ever after. On the other hand, I felt like the ending in which she died provided much better closure for Gerry and Jess. It also feels like it has a little more breathing room, instead of just bolting off into the sunset like the Nima Lives ending.

Which do you guys like better?
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  • I like the worst ending where Jess is the only survivor. lol
  • My question about the ending... where did that bag of money come from? Did Billy pass a bank vault on his way to the docks?
  • Yeah... the bag of money had me scratching my head too... I just rolled with it though... maybe it was supposed to be Nedry's payment? I dunno.
  • That might be Nedry's getaway boat with the money Dodgson gave him at the beginning of the first movie. Although I doubt he'd just leave that there.

    Or it's the rest of his payment left there by BioSyn.
  • That's easy guys. That was the rest of the money. They were supposed to meet someone at the boat. Obviously either Billy killed them, or dinos did.
  • Yeah, it was Nedry's payment (its even in the same bag as the movie) After Nedry gave the can to his contact at the eastern dock he was off to the northern port to get on his own boat and leave the Island (I would guess the same boat which took him to the Island thus his money still on it)
  • Yeah, the bag of money confused me as well. But then I remember that the anoying guy from episode one said they were sending a second boat to pick them up. I'm guessing that was the second boat with the money in it and I'll just assume that the person who brought the boat was killed by dinosaurs.

    But to get back on topic. I liked the ending where Nima lives. Billy's transformation from likeable would be here to cold hearted killer made him deserve his death. But Nima wanted the money to help her daughter and in the end she cared more about getting the people off the island then letting them die for money.

    I consider the ending where she choose to save Jess over saving the can the true ending cause I think that's what Nima would have done.

    Anyway.... hoping for a season two to confirm this. lol I hope they are able to do a season two.
  • Wow, Nedry was really dumb then. He received the money in San Jose. Why not put the $750K in a safety deposit box, or in the safe in his hotel room? Why take it back to the place of business that you're defrauding? After that why leave the bag in an unsecured, uncovered dingy with the keys still in the ignition?

    If it is Nedry's bag, it must've been an afterthought.
  • Guys, it's the remaining money! You know, the money that they keep talking about getting when they get to the boat!
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