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Action figures?

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No other Telltale property (as far as I know) has ever lent itself so good for an action figure line. Heck, Hasbro has half of the molds available and could just re-release them painted to look like the Telltale versions.

What I'd like to see:

Gerry Harding (a must), with Herrerasaurus hatchling
Jess Harding, with Triceratops hatchling
Dr. Sorkin with Parasaurolophus hatchling
Billy with Troodon hatchling
Oscar with knife (duh) and Raptor hatchling
Nima with Dilophosaurus hatchling

T-Rex (several molds already exist)
Raptors (preferably the classic action figure from series 1 with updated paintjob)
Dilophosaurus (same as the raptor)
Triceratops (preferably the unreleased one from The Lost World, maybe put the name "Lady Margaret" somewhere on the box)
Parasaurolophus (once again, an awesome mold already exists)
Pteranodon (same)
Herrerasaurus (would be a new sculpt)
Troodon (perhaps a two-pack like the JP series 1 Coelophysis)
Mosasaurus (with Nima, Jess or Gerry in diving gear)

Gas-powered Jeep (retooled from the original release to match the 'real' one)
Helicopter (with exclusive D-Caf figure)

So yeah, I realize this 90% likely won't happen, despite the fact that Hasbro wouldn't mind making more money and that most of the molds for such a line are readily available.
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  • I'd buy these but lets face it it wont happen but a brilliant thought
  • Agreed. I'd buy these in a freaking heart beat. All of them.
  • Yeah, figures would be sweet. I actually had a thought the other day about future Jurassic Park toys. I'm sure some or most of everyone here are familiar with Minimates. I think Diamond Select should reach out and do a Jurassic Park Minimates line, Vehicles and all. It's completely within their reach to do it, and it's actually fitting given their previous Back to the future and Ghostbusters lines.
  • Oh man. I wish Telltale could pull this off, including packaging reminiscent of the classic JP toys. That would be a dream.
    It would be cool if they could do any type of figure though, even small PVC figurines, of the new dinos and game characters. I reeeally want a troodon, herrarasaurus, and mosasaur! Homestar Runner had just such a series of small figures that were inexpensive and looked very cool, so it's probably possible.
  • I really love the design of the Mosasaur and think it would translate well into action figure format....especially with the soft dino-skin of the original Kenner toyline. It won't happen, but its fun to think about.

    It would be nice to see a new line of JP figures release with new sculpts and nice packaging, but lets face it...Hasbro is sitting on the rights and they never do anything new or innovative with it. There are tons of long winded rants over at about releasing new figures and petitions but none of that ever works.

    For now, we all just have to dream.
  • well i would if i was 9 years old, but i am 18 and buying them toys would kind of make me as a little kid unless i just store them as a collection and store them for future reasons, but yeah i would buy them just for looks not play around with lol
  • id get them, i plan on kids someday and ive already stored all of my JP childhood toys in a large tote for the occassion, (jp toys from 1997-2001)
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