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[MAC] Audio skipping on all new TTG games since Sam & Max Season 3

posted by pwblaine on - Viewed by 198 users
I've been playing TTG games on my mac since Sam and Max season 1, ever since the engine tune up in season 3 noticed severe audio glitches in all the new games. I can report the same issue in Sam and Max Season 3, Back To The Future & Jurassic Park. Basically the subtitles are spot on but the audio will start playing, then play the same sound over until the next dialog cue without finishing the sentence. Example, I'm currently playing Jurassic Park and it's happened almost every piece of dialog so far; the text read "Call the guard, keep him busy" but i hear "Call the guard and keep him, him, him, him" and it skips to the next sentence. The graphics also chop when this happens, so it may be a processor issue. I'm using a 2ghz 2008 macbook pro running 10.6.4. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has this problem, I've tried installing the games on my windows partition and experience the same issues.
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