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The Lost World: The Game

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Would anyone want season 2 of JP to be based on TLW: JP?

They could do a really neat story based on an Ingen employee team on Site B, or even a prequel based story relating to the time that Site B was evacuated to the point in how it appears in JP2 and JP3?

Imagine a story about all the lab workers trying to get off the island, vacating the Pterenadon cage, the Spino being released onto the island and all the Raptors escaping. You could even feature the dinos from the lost world book like the chameleon style dinos etc...

What does everyone think?
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  • I'd like a TLW game set during the aftermath of the San Diego incident; perhaps there really WERE Raptors on the Venture as has often been speculated by fans (so far without any real substance) - the Raptor pack has now taken up residence around San Diego, perhaps in the city sewers and even the surrounding wilds, and must be rounded up. Meanwhile, the Navy operation to return the two T-Rexes to Isla Sorna gets complicated due to conflicting factions (a corrupt Navy admiral who wants to use predators from the island as attack animals?), leading to the surviving Naval officers have to fight for their lives.
  • The evacuation of the Isla Sorna would be very interesting!
  • Yes it would.. I would love to know more about the time period before it was abandoned... Like who worked there? How did they set the animals loose? Where there complications?
  • what the fuck i posted a similar thread to this, could you guys in fact move this too that one please and thanks:)
  • bloodkiller630;561797 said:
    what the fuck i posted a similar thread to this, could you guys in fact move this too that one please and thanks:)
    yea perhaps show how some dinosaurs didnt make it on Ingens list...perhaps the work of a now deseaced dr.sorkin.???? and perferably loaded with tresspasser easter eggs
  • Unless Telltale seriously overhauls the gameplay and graphics engine, I won't be interested.
  • no i wouldnt mind seeing it before ingen made the dinosaurs on isla nublar, the very beginning, when john hammond first cloned the dinosaur, which was the velociraptor if you havent played jurassic park trespasser, all them inccidents on how isla sorna failed kind of like isla nublar
  • By the time they get around to another possible Jurassic Park game the fourth movie might be close to release. Perhaps they could base the story of that, though it would be hard to speculate a story for a game based on a movie that isn't even out yet. On second thought maybe you guys should just keep talking about a possible game based off The Lost World.
  • As long as they don't decide to end the sequel by blowing up Isla Sorna as well I'm totally for making a sequel. This time though more puzzles and more actual gameplay should be key issues.

    Like seriously the ending for this game sucked hard.
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