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BSOD at same point every time

posted by broken85 on - last edited - Viewed by 211 users
Update: Sorry, I really should have put 'Jurassic Park' in the title... I didn't realize this forum wasn't specific to that game.

I'm getting a BSOD during the water level on Episode 4 at the same spot every time. I've tried validating the game files in Steam, none of them are corrupt.

As soon as the diving part is ending, the first person pops their head out of the water, and as the second person starts to come up, the video freezes and I get a BSOD saying that the video driver failed to reset properly.

I don't have this issue with other games, and I already tried the new Radeon drivers and application profiles.

Is this a common issue?


Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
Radeon HD5870 1GB x2 (Crossfire)
Asus Xonar DX
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Have you tried disabling crossfire for that spot?

    Also, a dxdiag might help.

    Windows XP: Go to your start menu and click on run. Type in "dxdiag" and hit enter
    Windows Vista / 7: Press the windows key on your keyboard or click on the start menu. Type in "dxdiag" and hit enter.

    Now click on the button that says "save all information".
    It will prompt you to save a file. Save it where you can find it.

    Open the file and press Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+C to copy the contents, and paste them in a reply by pressing CTRL-V.
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  • Disabling Crossfire seems to have done it.

    I think it might be related to an issue with the new 11.11 drivers... ever since the upgrade my video has been cutting out randomly and I'm getting similar BSODs in other games as well.

    Disabling Crossfire allowed me to finish the game, and my video hasn't cut out again since then.
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