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Stuck Fixing Car Chapter 1 PC

posted by itssas83 on - last edited - Viewed by 419 users
I'm going crazy trying to figure this stupid thing out. Playing on PC with a mouse, and is it trying to tell me to go left, right left right to fix the battery?? the screens moving and the control is so hard im about to quit and throw my laptop out the window!!!! such tedious b.s. ahhh been waiting for this stupid game forever and now this stupid part of chapter one and i cant get past....

Am i doing it wrong??

ps: moving camera angle is stupid when u expect people to aim in on stuff with a mouse... like chasing a fly around its ridiculous
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  • retarded... took probably over 10 minutes to get past that part, and it was purely by luck. the bumpy camera is ridiculous to try doing certain mouse actions with, especial if ya gotta get there fast and the camera is boucing around the whole time... weak
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