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Will you put any downloadable content for consoles?

posted by RodozUl on - last edited - Viewed by 532 users
How about putting a DLC content such as Avatars for PSN by example?

Or Language Pack DLC? I really want to have spanish subtitles for this game... I would translate the game for you if necessary but please you should make possible to have spanish subtitles in this game.

BTW thanx for the game.. it's fantastic.

PD: I'm serious with that of translating the subtitles... it's not hard at all, I speak perfect spanish but it's too lame to translate the game to my friends while playing.
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  • this would be cool too add scenes they could not fit in the game. :)
  • There is some DLC in XBLA.
    Park Gate, Raptor, raincoat, hat, etc.
  • First, I would love a patch to try and help the lag I'm encountering with the PSN version of the game.

    But yes, DLC adding more episodes and content would be awesome. But I don't think Telltale has ever done DLC
  • waroftheworlds01;562053 said:
    I don't think Telltale has ever done DLC
    They should :)
  • RodozUl;562517 said:
    They should :)
    1) Why? I mean, if they wanted to expand the game story, sure, but if they're going to do that they might as well release a second season. So that leaves us with, what, alternate costumes? Useless.

    2) How do avatars count as DLC? They don't do anything with/for the game, and they need to be centrally hosted so that everyone can see them when they're in use, so wouldn't they be better classed as entitlements?
  • I think before adding extras(which would be nice, but unlikely). They need to release a patch. Everytime I exit the game I get an error message on my laptop(mac). Even if I exit through the game's menu. Everytime I play a scenario, decide to go back to the menu to try it again and begin loading the scenario from the beginning the game freezes. I'm then forced to quit the game using the dock Icon.
  • It would be nice to add two scenes (if they could put them in the story), one showing Park Gates (missed that one a LOT), and one with explorer 4, passing around (maybe to replace explorer 2, in the second scene with it?
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