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[Jurassic Park] Episode 4; Part 3 Problem

posted by meket on - Viewed by 617 users

I can't get the third part of episode 3 to load. Every time I beat part 2 the game takes me back to the main menu, when I try to load my game, I get a black screen with the yellow mouse cursor showing... the game stays in this black screen forever, so I end up having to force close it.

Is my save file corrupt? I can still run the other episodes, it doesn't seem to be a video related problem


If anyone has the same problem:

Cut (or delete) your autosave files out from the games autosave folder (in windows xp its in "My Documents/Telltale Games").

By doing this you won't have to restart the whole game, you will just lose your quick save info

Restart the chapter. The game will make a new save file, it should work now... at least it worked for me
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