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Jurassic park in Holland / europe

posted by Turbowizard on - last edited - Viewed by 353 users
Dear telltale,

This question has already been asked , butt for europe and à modorator closed that topic ? Why ? Don t you understand there are still people waiting for this awesome game !!!! You are not giving us anwsers.

On dutch forums and magazine says 15 nov jurassic park on PlayStation store online. I have been checking THE store about six times a day butt we are five days further and still nothing.

When can we enjoy this game on THE PlayStation store ? I have been waiting for this game for à year.

Please give us europeans some anwers !!!! We feel left out. And please don t close this topic and reply.

Is it ever comming to europ ?

Greetz à all time jurassic park die hard fan !
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