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Episode 3 stuck

posted by RadicalRick on - last edited - Viewed by 513 users
I am in Episode 3 and in the power room with the steam building up. I need to turn off the power (done) and turn the valve to let off the steam. But it won't let me do that! I have all 3 guys at the valve, but I don't have an option to change to their scene. From the Jess and Dr. Sorkin scene, I can pan over to the 3 men and their is a clickable spot. But when I do that, all I get is Dr. Harding climbing the ladder and saying, "I'm getting on it."
Dr. Sorkin has said that he needs to disable the motor for the valve, but I can't find any option to do that.
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  • Happened to me as well: you have to look down; a looking glass will appear, it's the motor housing. If you click it, Nima will get into action.

    EDIT: Look down right below the guys, where the pipe runs to the ground.
  • Yes, that solved my problem! I actually think that I wasn't doing the steps in the correct order, so that when I had to look for the motor, I was past where the option appeared. Now, I am struggling, trying to get Oscar to press the button for the power to the doors. It is kind of cool and all, but it takes fairly precise timing of clicking on the symbols. It seems to me that some of them need to be clicked immediately, and others need a second to set before clicking.
  • Yes, it's weird because Harding's already up there (and the guys follow him), but when Sorkin asks to open the valve, he's downstairs again!

    I had trouble with the controls as well: sometimes I was too fast, other times too slow. Frustrating, but I managed.
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