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Tutorial trouble

posted by est on - last edited - Viewed by 444 users
I've got some problems with Texas Hold'Em.
When the tutorial is activated, I can't close the tutorial window. The window just stays on top of the game-window. Clicking "OKAY" does nothing, and I have to close the game. Now, that is kind of unintelligent for a tutorial, so I suspect something else is causing it. Even if it's the wit in your games, it does not work for learning to play.
The other problem is that if I win a tournament, the game shuts down completely. Is this on purpose?
Other than this the game works great for passing time, as was my intention when buying it.
My PC is quite standard. XP, ATI 256MB graphics, 2GB RAM, and has the latest drivers. It should not be the cause of any trouble.
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