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Generic 'Telltale should make...' thread

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Was this ever discussed as a potential license? The book series is immensely popular and I guess the license isn't too expensive since the TV series bombed. The stories contain quite a bit of detective work and therefore could probably easily adapted into a computer game, probably as a kind of side story to the ongoing story arc - I mean, there are tons of novellas and short stories already.
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  • Honestly, I could see it. I'm currently in Dead Beat in the novels, and I haven't finished watching the TV Series, and I love both. If it were a game I don't really think it could have much to do with the huge story of the books, so maybe if it was an alternate Dresdenverse like the TV show, which was honestly quite awesome.

    By the way, with there being a Roleplaying game out there, I could totally see The Dresden Files: The Roleplaying Game: The Video Game.
  • I was just thinking this the other day! My GF turned me on to The Dresden Files a few years ago. I cosplay as Harry when I go to conventions and on Halloween. I'm on Blood Rites right now and I have Welcome to the Jungle and I've started reading the comics of Storm Front and Full Moon.
    I would love Telltale to do a game. It offers so much that could be done with each of the books. Hell they could easily do 2 books in one episode. Plus the cityscape of Chicago and Telltale's graphics would be friggin AWESOME!
    If anyone can do justice to the humor and action of the Dresden files, Telltale can.
  • Wouldnt it be cool if telltales teamed up with HBO and made a Bored to Death Adventure game, I could see it fit quite well, Image it like Sam & Max. with Jonathan Ames solving cases and struggling with his every day life in a 5 part episodic series. personally I think it could work.

    what do you guys think?
  • With all the hubub about the muppets return to fame this year, I got me thinking, if we even have The Muppets perfume now why is there no video game adaptation? Of course though, what kind of game could possibly work for the muppets. Then I thought, a muppet point and click adventure game would be pretty cool!

    Does anyone else think Telltale, or any game studio for that matter, could manage to pull off making a muppets game, or is it impossible?
  • It's definitely possible.
  • What about Tim Shafer's Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster? I remember that being hyped pretty well, though I can't remember how good it was or how well it did.
    There have also been a couple of kiddie adventures in the past, with a lot of charm and fun if non-existent difficulty. (Cue dead horse snark.)
  • I'd forgotten about that completely, something like that could work. But for the non sesame street muppets I'm not sure how well move style minigames would work for them.
  • I wouldn't be against it.
  • They've tried releasing Muppet Games before. More often than not, they range from "meh" to... well... "meh."

    I think a point and click adventure would be just what the Muppets needed to make an impression on the gaming world. The episodic format could also work to their advantage, and the story would be played out like a series of episodes comprised of different skits and numbers.
  • The game that probably won't happen. What is it? Based on a movie possibly getting a sequel, that contains so many characters in a world filled with noir and comedy that it is considered a masterpiece in filmmaking. Is it possible Telltale could be up to the challenges in creating...

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The Game!

    Obvious things standing in the way are multiple licenses, however, think about how awesome it would be to play as Eddie Valiant and solve various toon-related crimes following the events of the film?
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