Not so much the popular opinion it seems, but...

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I finally found the time to play through the 5 episodes of this series back to back. I'd put it off for a while because people didn't seem that excited about it, criticising the puzzle difficulty being so low and all that nonsense. This year has been particularly chock full of quality games, so it's taken me a while to get around to it.

What I found was an interesting and funny story which was very true to the BTTF mythology, which wrapped up nicely, touched on all of BTTFs impressive tropes, in-jokes and repeated scenes and presented us with a nice conclusion that leaves me excited for another season.

In short, I loved it.

Many of the criticisms levelled at the games by fans of the mythology involve the fact that there wasn't a lot of variation in the times that were travelled to. If you really think about it though, this game really represents the plot of maybe one film. Each film has only added one new period of history to the mythology (BTTF = 1955, BTTF2 = 2015, BTT3 = 1885) & then either shows or tells us about the threats to Marty's 1985.

BTTF4 does this more than any of the films. We see a 1986 Hill Valley run by the mob, as a utopia and finally as a new, slightly altered version of its old self, which has brought Doc back in to Marty's life. We also get 1931, a visit to old west Hill Valley before the saloon was complete and an alternate 1931 where Hill Valley isn't there anymore.

Yes, I would rather that the puzzles were a bit harder. I wish the games were longer too. I want that only because I want more!

I'd give this game an 8/10.

Suggestions for the next season? Branching stories that affect what happens to Hill Valley when you return at the end of the series. Decisions that affect Marty's life even when the third series is released. Different endings. Harder puzzles. More! Just more please.
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