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Jurassic Park - Accidentally Overrided Savegame Point

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the TellTale forums, and I first have to say I'm really enjoying Jurassic park: The Game! I'm a huge JP fan and I think its a fantastic tribute to the series!

After playing for several hours and nearly finishing towards the end of Episode 1, I ran into a problem. I had accidentally double clicked the begin episode button by mistake.

This action overrided my saved gameplay and reverted me back to the very beginning of the Episode 1.

I still notice that my scenarios events are still the intact and the same, but every time I try to start the game normally, I get ousted back to the very start Prologue.

Is there anyway to fix up the saved point back to where I was at?

Any help would be much appreciated!




P.S I'm playing JP: The Game on a Mac.
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  • When you click Begin Episode after a save has already been created, it does warn you that your progress will be reset. Sorry, but with the way the save game system works, you will need to start the episode over.
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