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Jurassic Park - Accidentally Overrided Savegame Point

posted by B-rock on - Viewed by 137 users
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the TellTale forums, and I first have to say I'm really enjoying Jurassic park: The Game! I'm a huge JP fan and I think its a fantastic tribute to the series!

After playing for several hours and nearly finishing towards the end of Episode 1, I ran into a problem. I had accidentally double clicked the begin episode button by mistake.

This action essentially overrided my saved gameplay, and reverted me back to the very beginning of the Episode 1.

I still notice that my scenarios events are still the intact and the same, but every time I try to start the game normally, I get ousted back to the very start Prologue.

Is there anyway to fix up the saved point back to where I was at?

Any help would be much appreciated!




P.S I'm playing JP: The Game on a Mac.
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