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Having trouble getting passes

posted by merlinxwiz on - last edited - Viewed by 419 users
I just started playing the game, and I am at the part in the game where the girl tries to steal the passes from the security guard while he is on the phone with my partner...The question mark right about the passes on the table turns into a pull symbol...Meaning you have to click on the pull symbol and pull in the direction of the arrow which is pointed down...I have tried every different camera angle I can do, and I keeping holding down the left click button on my Windows PC, while pushing the down button on the keyboard...I can not for the life of me seem to get those passes....Any help would be helpful...I have tried adjusting the settings for graphics from highest to lowest, and I get the same results..Please, I need some help...Thank you!
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  • I was holding the left mouse button and pressing the down arrow which is wrong...Your supposed to hold the left mouse button and pull the mouse down...Hehehehehe Oh well? I'm going back to the game....
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