some pics you guys will like

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I took these in 2010 when visiting my brother in L.A., enjoy ;).

me in front of Marty McFly's house

me standing where the Delorean came to a stop after backing out at the end of Part I/opening of part II

Doc Brown's Mansion

Doc Brown's garage

the Burger King built where Doc's house used to be, bonus points I ate there after that pic was taken.

as you can see by the last pic a lot of the landscape and signs in the background are still there 25 years later ;).


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    Cool! I'm kinda jealous of whoever owns that mansion.
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    Wow, really cool. Wish there was a Delorean around :D
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    That's sick! If they ever did do another movie it's nice to know the original places are still around.
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    Great pictures, Dave! I really like how you framed them to match the shots of the locations within the movie.

    I can't help but wonder who currently lives in the Brown mansion; no doubt that they'd get tons of BTTF fans taking pictures and posing in front of the house.
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    The location that was used for the Brown mansion was actually a place in Pasadena called The Gamble House. Looks like no one actually lives in it, but it's a killer location!
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    Thanks for sharing these pictures, really nice!
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    funny story time:

    when I was taking the pics outside the BK the guy in the drive thru window was giving me and my cousin funny looks (I took a pic of my cousin in the same location with my camera) and when we went inside one of the guys at the counter asked why we were taking pics of the outside of the BK. I told him that this was the one that was used in the filming of Back to the Future part 1. they said "really?", I asked them do you remember when Marty leaves the garage in 1985 after saying "I'm late for school!" and skateboards past a Burger King. and they are like "yeah," so I said your working IN that Burger King and they were like :eek: he he he.
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    Jebus you are so lucky!:)
    Thanks for sharing!
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