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Gabriel Knight 20th anniversary remake

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The 20th anniversary of the release of "Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers" is coming up in 2013, and that seems to me like the perfect opportunity to revive the franchise and bring back to life the incredibly rich story that Jane Jensen created in 1993.

Telltale is going big into development for the iPad, and GK1 is perfect for that medium, with its visual style that borrows from graphic novels and film noir. They could do a remake of the original, preserving the story, art, and voices as much as possible, but upgrading them to today's technology.

If successful, they could go on to remake GK2: The Beast Within, and GK3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned; two other games with incredibly deep and complex stories and puzzles, though suffering from some of the technological shortcomings of the time in which they were made. Fans have also been petitioning for a Gabriel Knight 4 for a while, and Telltale working with Jane Jensen on such an endeavor would be a dream come true.

The Gabriel Knight series would be one of the most dark and brooding narratives for Telltale to adopt, and considering they are taking on The Walking Dead franchise, it seems propitious for them to expand in that direction. Additionally, with their acquisition of rights to make a sequel to the King's Quest series (also from Sierra), it seems they would be in a good position to negotiate the rights to work on Gabriel Knight.

What do you guys think? I would love to hear from one of Telltale's people on this. (For anyone interested, I've written more extensively about this here:
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  • Nudge.

    But I think a remastered Gabriel Knight would be great. I'd love to play the original game without having to faff about with DosBox. Don't think Telltale's quite the company to do it though - they tend to focus more on episodic games, whereas the Gabriel Knight series isn't episodic at all, really.

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think that Gabriel Knight 3 would work well if done in a Back to the Future style of gameplay as opposed to the original game's mess of a system. The camera controls really killed it dead.
  • Yes, I agree about the 3D system in GK3, the camera control was really frustrating. I'm playing Back to the Future right now and so far it seems like a system that would work great for GK3.
  • Darth Marsden;564813 said:
    I'd love to play the original game without having to faff about with DosBox.
    Uhh... Dosbox has not been necessary for quite some time now:

    This handy installer for Sins of the Fathers not only negates the need for Dosbox but also negates the need to use your game disc every time you play and it also automatically fixes any bugs and speed issues (that's CPU speed issues within the game, not any possible real-life drug issues. Who knows though... maybe v2.0?).


    Also, check out the installer for The Beast Within. No longer do you have to swap discs and the de-interlacer patch makes the whole game much easier on the eyes.


  • Go replay the games. 1 and 3 had days and hours, and 2 had chapters. It is VERY episodic, and I for one would ADORE seeing all three games and GK4 come to light. The problem is that Activision claimed all of Sierra's copyrights for GK and KQ, and Jane Jensen now works for Oberon Media.

    So the only way we'll ever see GK4 is if the KQ game comes out spectacular, AND Ms. Jensen can be lured away from making hidden object games.

  • The Gabriel Knight games give me diarrhea.

    Well, GK1 was alright.
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