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King's Quest V: Your Retrospective Review

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I did a similar series of threads at another forum, and I always start with KQV (as it's my favorite) and then work backwards and finally forwards. Looking back at KQV, how did you feel about it then, and how do you feel about KQ5 now, both in terms of KQ, adventure games, and games in general? Where does KQ5 stand on your list of favorite KQ's?
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    Well, this promises to be a polarized discussion as I have already seen those who disliked kq5 be very vocal about it in other threads. So I fear this is going to tread that same old ground.

    I'll start by saying I played KQ5 after KQ6, although I played KQ4 before both of them. I later went back and played 1-3.

    KQ5 didn't sit very well with me comparatively after playing 6... I didn't enjoy exploring the world nearly as much as the islands. The voice acting detracted from the experience quite a bit for me, and that damned owl is still the most annoying character in any KQ game for me.

    I remember feeling like more of the puzzles in KQ5 were trial and error in comparison to other games. Due to the zoomed out nature of the village, it leads to a bit of a ridiculous pixel hunt to find that barrel, but that is minor.

    I can definitely see how it would be amazing compared to KQ4 if I had played it directly afterwards. I really enjoyed KQ4, and I liked the fact that the land was a central hub with exploration taking you to genesta's island, or the queens castle, or the mountain pass. But you generally ended up going back to the main land... which lent itself a sense of familiarity... and not just passing through. KQ6 had this as well, as you often revisited the royal island to make deals with the pawn owner or see the nightengale.

    Overall however, from a story perspective and totally ignoring technical or gameplay issues, I didn't find the KQ5 storyline to be all that intriguing. Rosella by herself trying to save her father's life was a dramatic departure from KQ1 & KQ2's standard quest fare. While KQ3 broke the mold first, it wasn't until the end of the game that we even see where KQ3 fits into the overall mythos... so maybe that is why i wasn't as drawn in by it originally.

    For some reason I really enjoyed the characters in part 6. Going to Hell and seeing lucifer chained to his throne with his wings growing into the walls and then figuring out how to beat him was a defining gameplay moment for me back then. KQ5 was full of squeaky voiced ant kings, owls, leprachauns, and other annoying fare, imho.

    My ranking of the games is distorted by the order in which I played them, I think. But I would say:
    1. KQ6
    2. KQ4
    3. KQ7
    4. KQ5
    5. KQ2 - felt like an expansion to part 1, more of the same, still fun though
    6. KQ1 - (great game, but doesn't stand up to its later sequels)
    7. KQ3 - (mainly because I played for days looking for an eagle feather... damn thing just wouldn't show up. And so I decided I despised games that made a crucial item appear randomly)

    I've never been able to get far into KQ8, so I can't rank it. And while KQ7 is initially a game I wasn't real fond of, it grew on me over time. I debated heavily on if I liked KQ7 or KQ5 better before deciding that cedric would doom KQ5 to the 4th place spot =)
  • I played this game last year for the first time. It was the second KQ I played after the remake of the first one. And I adore it. Everything in it is just so memorable. I love Cedric and the wolves and I link the "poisonous Snake"-Youtube video everywhere it might fit.
    I have to admit, that I saw the whole game done by Paw first (got the KQ-collection on Steam in the 2009 X-mas sale afterwards). So I knew some of the meaner puzzles already (cheese, lambchop) and where to draw a map & be extra careful (desert, castle)

    I have played them all by now and have to say KQ5 is still the best of the bunch. Great riddles wonderful graphics, I love the voice acting for being so *bad* but quoteable.


    1. KQ5
    2. KQ
    3. KQ 4
    4. KQ 7
    5. KQ 2
    6. KQ 6
    7. KQ 3
  • I've been discussing King's Quest on the internet for well over 10 years, and talking about it with friends and people on BBS's (Yeah, 2400 baud modems!) for over 20 years. I think I really have had every conversation about King's Quest 5 that I ever want to. You haunt forums about Sierra games and King's Quest games, you just start to see the same old conversations.

    Yeah, King's Quest 5 is awesome; it's my favorite one, but getting pedantic over it just seems to be useless. They're never going to release another official King's Quest game that was as wonderous as 5 was when it was released - I like the old-school charm (as some would say) and a new game with 3D graphics will just feel like a bland retread to me. I would actually pay for a new KQ game done in the old style, but hey - I already do that kind of thing.

    I guess I just get sick of seeing the same old topics. I've been slogging it out in the trenches for a long time. This thread is kind of redundant.

  • Chyron8472 wrote: »
    I'm finding JonTron's review of King's Quest V to be hilarious. :D

    Haha...amazing. And bonus points for bringing up Hugo's House of Horrors.

    Also, my review of KQ5 is that it's the one point-and-click King's Quest that, despite its flaws, really captures the essence of what I feel the King's Quest series (at least the first four games) is about. Exploration of a large (feeling) and diverse land filled with unexpected twists and dangers, mind-bending (but mostly logical) puzzles, and interesting (if badly voiced) characters.

    And its art and soundtrack are unmatched within the series. KQ6's soundtrack does come close though, but its visuals suffer a bit from an overuse of painted-over photographs of actors.
  • I think I really have had every conversation about King's Quest 5 that I ever want to. You haunt forums about Sierra games and King's Quest games, you just start to see the same old conversations.

    I guess I just get sick of seeing the same old topics. I've been slogging it out in the trenches for a long time. This thread is kind of redundant.


    Sorry to hear about your KQ forum weary self. If such conversations are that burdensome for you, why participate? You are like an unnecessary wet blanket on the discussion. Fortunately, you are not the only one reading these forums; there are many others who very much enjoy discussing the Kings Quest series.

    Anyway, KQ5 will always be special to me. It has a dorky, innocent quality that I love. (At times the KQ6 narrator gets a little too poetic and la-di-da.) Also, KQ5's art backgrounds are the best out of any Sierra game, IMO. They seem a lot more striking, intricate, richly colored, and often with more of a fantasy/magical world feel than those in KQ6. As beautiful as they are, the KQ6 backgrounds are sometimes a bit bland. KQ5 also feels like more of an epic adventure than KQ6 does. Going through desert and snow before setting sail to a scary, mysterious island feels a lot more epic than pulling out a map and hearing the same sound effect every few minutes, which gets old.
  • Sits back and wishes I had a bag of popcorn...
  • Alexander feels a strange pulling sensation...
  • That's an old piece of magical white snake I had left over from last year.
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