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What's the Last Thing You Downloaded?

posted by Darth Marsden on - last edited - Viewed by 5.9K users
There's one for music, there's one for films, now there's one for files. What's the last thing you downloaded (legally)?

I'll kick us off: the soundtrack to Bitejacker: Undead on Arrival. It's one of the soundtracks in the Indie Music Bundle and I've only just got round to grabbing it.
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  • der_ketzer wrote: »
    Well I would never! You don't download Porn. You watch it on Streaming sites. For free.
    Unless you're me, in which case you download it from streaming sites using DownloadHelper.

    OK, I actually just download Anime, Zero Punctuation and stuff from That Guy With The Glasses. But I could totally be grabbing porn as well!
  • I would say Lego Harry Potter Years 1-7, but that's an Onlive game. So, The Muppets movie soundtrack from iTunes.
  • I just picked up a few player-created levels for VVVVVV.
  • Since I got a £27 refund for cancelling my Diablo 3 pre-order, I decided to use about £17 of that to get some more Rock Band DLC.

    Sounds like a lot for DLC, and it is, but at least all the songs I get I know I love, and people who play with me are going to love! :D

    So what songs did I get?

    Number of the Beast (Original Version) - Iron Maiden
    Powerslave - Iron Maiden
    Fear of the Dark (Live) - Iron Maiden
    Can I play with Madness - Iron Maiden
    2 Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden
    Run to the Hills (Original Version) - Iron Maiden
    (Didn't get the full pack, as I only wanted 6 of the 12 songs, so getting them individually saved me some points)

    Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult
    Holy Diver - Dio
    Space Truckin' - Deep Purple
    Tribute - Tenacious D
    Surfing with the Alien - Joe Satriani
    My Generation (Live) - The Who

    Re: Your Brains - Jonathan Coulton
    Splosion Man Theme Song

    So thats 14 songs for £17. Not exactly cheap, but compared to the setlist to most of the GH/Rock Band games I have, I probably got waay more bang for buck.

    Just need to pick up Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits, and then I won't need anything else really.
  • I finally got around to downloading VVVVVV the other day although I bought it a while ago. And now, 847 deaths later, it's done with all the shiny trinkets collected. I'd say I spent a solid half-hour at least on the Veni, Vedi, Vici rooms.
  • I think you did better than I did. That was an enormous pain in the ass. And I loved it. I can't think of another game that's made me such a glutton for punishment. Hell, the whole time I was trying that section, I was just happy to be sitting and listening to the soundtrack.
  • At the moment I'm downloading Borderlands. Pretty hefty download, which includes all four DLC.
  • Wahay! Go Gamestop UK! XD

    They actually have used copies of Rock band 2 in stock!
    (There are about 10 songs I want from this game that are not DLC, so I've had to hunt this game down!)

    Even better is that its only £8 used.

    That literally costs me nothing!

    So its definately only Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits that I need, and then I don't need any more GH/RB related stuff. :D
  • Downloading Dead Space through Steam. Seems appropriate given the long, dark nights and the enforced jollity of the holiday season.
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