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[JP] Missing textures in number of scenes?

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Sure this is consistent with all versions of the game from what I've seen. There are a couple of instances in the game where textures are non-existent and are just models covered in black. The ones I've found are in EP 2; firstly when everyone returns to the chopper and the pilot's missing, some Compy's run towards the chopper and we get a close up of them, yet oddly, they're just black, no details or texture to speak of. Later in this episode, the Parasaur pen, a number of the wires attached to the fence seem to have the same problem; just black, while some, maybe a few have textures, it's very inconsistent and to those with keen eyes, can be quite distracting, this same texture issue carries on into the following episode too.

I've only noticed these two, though there are a few other graphical errors I could nitpick that are consistent with all versions (ie Jess having cigarettes in her hand as she, Gerry and Laura walk down the tunnels. Prior to the scene where she reveals that she actually did take them.)
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  • I didn't notice any of that, though at some points i feel though some of the textures on models are that smooth-grey colour, it didn't look "natural" to the game.
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