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Please fix the abysmal controls (PS3 version)

posted by Dangerzone on - Viewed by 227 users
Im playing the PS3 version, so I dont know if this is just that one version or not... although I see a few others complaining about the extreme touchiness of the controls in general... but almost every stage that uses the right analogue stick is completely unpassable because no matter what you do, your action always registers as incorrect or you can never get the dot anywhere near the center for the split second the game gives you

for example, I could not even get a bronze medal in the final stage of episode one because the controls for the "stay still" and rifle reloading scenes are completely broken... i always get an "X" even when I perform the stick sweeps perfectly, then the girl dies and i have to reply the whole episode over again for another attempt on the "never die once" trophy... an already cruel achievement made worse by broken controls

I really want to play the other 3 episodes, but I cant even begin to think about starting episode 2 until there is some sort of remedy or patch for this... you need to increase the ammount of reaction time to account for the frame rate lag on the console versions, and a control sensitivity slider needs to be added

Thank you kindly
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