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JP stuck at beginning of Episode 2

posted by Shane West on - last edited - Viewed by 443 users
Hello, I've had no problems with this game for Xbox thus far until... the point where Oscar tells Yoder to meet him at the top of the stairs outside the visitor's center, right after examining the helicopter crash, it gives me the option to talk to Oscar about the "dino attack" and "everyone is dead," once I end the conversation it just shows me the doorway from the inside and plays some music, all I can do at this point is ask Oscar about the "dino attack" again or if I press A Yoder will examine the blood once, but then I'm just stuck at this same position facing the wall/doorway, I cannot move the screen and there are no icons/options onscreen aside from the conversation prompt. It plays the background music just fine though. Sitting and waiting for ~10 minutes does nothing, as well as pressing every button/restarting/reloading/beginning anew. It appears as if there is no possible way for me to continue. Help!

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