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What would you do in this situation?

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Ok! imagine you are on a plane, you crash onto isla sorna, all you got with you, is your kids, your wife, and a infant(baby) you find guns, but realize that they don't work, you find a flare gun, some food, stimpacks, and water, you also got a camera with you, then you venture into the island futher and find a valley filled with parasaurs, cortyhosaurs, and brachiosaurs, also a few gallimimus, then you wonder off and find yourself in a raptors nest with a bunch of them sleeping, what do you do?
wouldnt this be a really cool game set up plan, possibly for the second JP:TG game
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  • Build a boat of wood and find some food. It will be a long trip but it's better than being on an island full of mutated reptiles.
  • Silently sneak out, holding the flare gun at the biggest possible threat (the alpha female, as they have respect on Sorna) while taking pictures to prove to anyone I went there, and make my way to the brachiosaur (I would have made sure my family stayed there with the supplies) and try to set up camp. After the night passes, I set out towards the river, as I remember a boathouse on it, and sail down. When I get to the coast, try to signal any boats. If all else fails, hide in the gift shop, living of canned food until help arrives (crashed planes are almost always searched for) and above all, pray to God for my family to make it.
  • LOL.... Stimpacks.

    I would solve all problems with the inventory in my pants... Guybrush style.
  • When I was watching the first season of The Walking Dead one of my friends, Christina, started talking about how unrealistic it all was, I mean if you were in a world overrun by zombies you'd just kill yourself, according to her logic, and fleetingly trying to survive, to live on, was just silly. We henceforth referred to the act of killing yourself in a crisis, or even killing yourself in a mildly uncomfortable situation, as taking the Christina way out. In one of the early episodes (not really spoilers) they walk into a house where a man has clearly shot himself in the head with a shotgun (or something like that), 'Oh, he's taken the Christina way out,' we jest, and everyone has a good laugh despite the morbid subject matter. Or perhaps because of it.

    I relay this anecdote because if I found myself in the situation described in the OP I would probably recommend my wife and children pull a Christina while I throw myself at the raptors as a meaty distraction. Unless there are any expendable mercenary characters around, which there always seem to be in these situations, to take the fall for me, things seem pretty well boned for the budding, young Woodsyblue family.
  • My wife talks about taking the Christina way out when we watch stuff like that too. I do not understand it even in the worst situations I would still think "maybe I can beat this" and keep on going.
  • Funnily enough, after watching JP III with Christina last night (we've been going through them all) she said she wouldn't take the Christina way out if trapped on an island full of dinosaurs, it's only a zombie thing.
  • I went to lunch with my wife today... ordered the beer cheese soup... they told me they were out... I tried taking the christina way out... but the only tools at my disposal was a plastic drinking cup... I gave up and ordered the salad.
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