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Another crossover/plug

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For a while I've been toying with the idea to do a few comics honoring and highlighting select moments from KGB (hotu; the wikipedia article is very spoilery), an old adventure game gem where you play KGB agent Maksim (I'm not making this up) Rukov, investigating a case that quickly gets increasingly suspect and increasingly dangerous until you find yourself dealing with a conspiracy against the nation and unable to trust anyone.
It had graphics that were good for its time, very innovative gameplay, a good plot and a decent soundtrack. It also featured only limited save-slots and backtracking and was absolutely unforgiving about your mistakes (totally appropriate given the style and subject matter, but no less frustrating because of that). Last but not least, there is a reference to it in Bright Side of the Moon, which is why I ultimately decided in favor of starting this thread.
So, enjoy these select moments: - Loyalty
There's fun to be had at the very start of the game. You're lower-ranking co-worker is always careful to agree with you and praise whatever viewpoints you espouse. It's quite fun to mess with him by repeatedly changing your views within the same conversation. :D Incidentally it's all too easy to imagine Max pulling a stunt like this if given the opportunity. - Damned if you do...
Casting Bosco as the stern and mostly unfair Commander Vovlov. Only slightly edited, this is a quite typical situation: you need to act very tactfully, with saying the wrong thing spelling instant game-over. - Impossible to please
It's hard not to love someone as deliberately malicious as Commander Vovlov. Here's another example of how he always interprets you in the most negative way possible. Luckily in most cases he doesn't follow up by firing you. (Obviously in the game there's just one bug and a dialog option; and once again the comic slightly exagerrates but is very much based on fact)
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