Looking For Sam & Max Shirts! Please Help!

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Hey guys! I’m coming here in search of some people who are willing to sell off some of their Sam and Max merchandise if they have any that are willing to part with it.

What I’m really looking for are the t-shirts, specifically the gorgeous Comic Con ’92 shirt or the adorable Max Booga Booga shirt from sizes men’s small to men’s large. I’m not picky with sizes but I’d love something that wouldn’t fit like a dress on me, nonetheless, I’ll most likely take whatever I can get for those two shirts or something equally as precious. I can reassure anyone who is willing to part with their merchandise that it’ll go to a home where it’ll be regarded as gold, if not my own flesh and blood.

I’ll appreciate any pointers you awesome people could provide that’ll guide me in the right direction ;v; Any feedback, useless or not, will be encouraged because I’d like to know if anyone gave this topic a look instead of slowly collecting dust. Once again, here’s what I’m looking for:


Those who are selling, please send me PMs or we could exchange e-mails to discuss prices. I’m almost easy to sell to as long as it’s nothing along the lines of sacrificing an arm and leg (which might be the case) but we’ll see!

Thanks, fellas! ♥
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* EverythingMustGo → unsure of this user's whereabouts, haven't messaged the person personally about their merchandise, but due to lack of activity, considered MIA. Anyone care to shed light on this person and if they're still selling their Sam and Max shirts?
* GOT THE '92 SAM & MAX COMIC CON SHIRT! HOORAY! Thanks again, so very, very much!
* it appears that the average price for these t-shirts would range around 115-120 each. So if anyone has these shirts, I will gladly pay that much to have them-- crazy or not, I feel very passionate about this series.


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    Oh look someone else is on the mad hunt for shirts as well. I'm looking for the '92 comic con shirt, but what I would really like to see, is TellTale putting a new shirt for sale. Something that is more "Sam and Max" then the Max Imp one.
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    Oh look someone else is on the mad hunt for shirts as well. I'm looking for the '92 comic con shirt, but what I would really like to see, is TellTale putting a new shirt for sale. Something that is more "Sam and Max" then the Max Imp one.

    Yeah, me too! I'm hardly getting any progress on the hunt, found one from a generous seller I'm thankful to come in contact with but otherwise, getting diddly squat ); Wish TellTale would plan on re-releasing some old merchandise in honor of Sam & Max's anniversary or something, just give those who missed out another chance to add to their collection. I'm nearly dying to get that adorable Max Booga Booga shirt. Guarantee it'll pop up on a Friday the 13th, blue moon shining down as the planets all align to open the gates of hell.

    Or maybe, like you said, release a shirt that has both of them on there than Max. I love Max as much as the next guy, but I'd like to see both of my pals on a shirt.

    But hey, thanks for stopping by and sorry for the late reply! Hope you find your stuff too ;_;
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    Sam and max comic con '92 series was wonderful but i am afraid anyone who still have them in possession will not give away that dress shirt and t-shirt. Still best of luck to you guys. Hope you both get lucky and find some dress shirts from sam and max.
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    It's fruitless for me to find Sam and Max shirts, so I took the liberty of making some myself at a local Print shop.

    Wish they could chuck more merchandise on the Telltale store.
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    Steve Purcell is lurking the boards as I type this... STEVE... SELL more S&M stuff... TAKE MY MONEY!..
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    I don't know how but I'd buy a Max's Severed Head to wear on MY head, for real lifez!
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    Ope, I totally forgot to check this thread out, way to go me.

    Anyways, I was able to get a shirt from a wonderful user on here who was gracious enough to give me a brand new spare from their personal collection. Talk about my prayers being answered and all of my polite pestering wasn't all fruitless. This person knows who they are and I'll keep it private to prevent any other sort of issues from coming up, but I can't thank them enough ♥

    Now... need to find someone with that cool DeSoto shirt and offer $120 to them since that seems to be the average for a shirt. Anyone reading this and has a new or used DeSoto shirt, I will so stick to my word with it : )
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