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Not to plug, but I just got a htc wildfire s... Can I play any of these games on it?...
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  • This would be the wrong forum section for this. I'd help you move it to where it'd get more and more helpful replies, but, alas, I do not have the powers. But, from what I understand, TTG games are not ported to Android. HTC is Android, right? The have released some games for Apple products, but not for the Android. At least, not yet (hopefully)
  • So my best bet is still to buy e.i. bttf for wii (though I live in Denmark)?...
  • I'd say buy them for PC if you can. I've never played them on Wii, so I can't give you too much information on that, though.
  • Well, I´ve bought the recent seasons, but can´t get ´em to work... Console would fit me better if I can play them in Denmark...
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