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GTA fan thread

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well there are no more later videos, but ive been wanting to create a thread like this for a while, all the insane stunts, or myths or just wanting to say anything GTA related tell, also if anyone who hasnt seen the GTA V trailer its right here :P

also here is some pics i had a while back of myths

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  • I'm definitely excited, but Saints Row the Third has me a little disheartened. I can't see how GTA V can beat it. If V turns out to have such a strong focus on realism as GTA IV did, then I can't imagine myself enjoying it very much. Not that I didn't appreciate the realism/moodiness of GTA IV at first, but I'm just completely burnt out on it at this point.

    Still, it'll be nice to go back to Los Santos.
  • well there is rumors that it is just los santos, but i highly doubt that, because you cant have san andreas without all the cities, am i right on this, their still putting the original myths on, phew, also the mountain Mt. chilad or how you say it


    hopefully there is animals on this game as well
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