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Help Us Choose What Part of Jurassic Park: The Game Becomes The Demo!

posted by Alan Johnson on - last edited - Viewed by 4.9K users
Ladies and gentlemen -

We're in the early phases of getting a demo of Jurassic Park: The Game into the wild and we thought we'd check in with the biggest fans of both Telltale Games and Jurassic Park about it! We want you to help us choose which part or parts of the game would make the best possible demo - as most of you have already completed the game you're well suited to answer the call!

I can say with certainty that your input and feedback will be much appreciated!

While a simple vote in the poll will be of great assistance to us, leaving your feedback supporting your choice(s) in the thread would be awesome!

Thanks in advance folks!
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  • I have chosen the Nima and Miles investigation because this is obviously one of the most suspenseful part of the first episode. I think that when players see this demo they will be hungry for more.:D

    Hope you guys choose the right demo for this marvelous game!!!:D:D:D
  • I would suggest something from the first episode, probably Nimas search for the canister. Mainly because it's less button mashing and more "exploration".
  • Thats true

    I never thought of that:cool:

    Good pick jpark!:p
  • I picked Nima and Miles - Dilophosaurus Encounter Investigation Through Attack - Ep. 1

    First off, it's from Episode one. So no need to worry about many spoilers. Also, it's one of the cooler dino encounters. In fact, if you do it through the investigation and end it where she runs in the woods and you see the Trodoons eyes that'll be a great "I want to see more" ending.
  • Nima and Miles have my vote.

    If it's for the demo, I think starting it at Episode One would be a good choice. The atmosphere and exploration give the gamer a reasonable taste of what the game's going to be like.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Wohooo, spoilers!! ;)
  • While hunting down the velociraptor was one of my favorite parts of the game (love the music playing in the background) I don't think it gives a very true representation of the game. In the Nima and Miles part, you get to explore the environment and look for clues in addition to running for your life from dinos. You get to experience a little bit of all the different elements of gameplay JP has to offer.

    Also, there is some familiarity with that iconic scene that would make an impression. Seeing Nedry half eaten in his Jeep was definitely satisfying.
  • I think the Rex attack from the end of episode one. I just feel it needs a more exciting and engaging part of the series to sell it to people that may only be interested enough to try a demo. Clearly if they are just trying a demo, they may not be the biggest JP fans anyway, so you want something to really impress them. The rex attack does this very well in the first level, imo. However, in the demo they need to stop it before Nima's true character "reveal".
  • I chose Triceratops Paddock Puzzle With T-Rex/Trike fight. More stuff happened in it and I think it would be better for the player to spend their time with the protagonist of the game (Gerry), rather than Nima and Miles, who are both secondary characters.
  • Honestly? I'd just make the full first episode free, like with BttF. If someone's considering buying this game, it's only fair they have a proper idea of what they're in for.

    Failing that, though, I guess I'll go with the Mosasaur scene, since it was one of the few parts of the game to leave a positive impression on me.
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