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Sound glitches in S&M 303

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I have just arrived at the museum in Sam and Max 303. After finding Max's brain and turning control back over to Sam, I get audio glitches when examining many museum items. For the Hindenburg picture, the [unsafe air travel] sign, and the time line by both, Sam's mouth is moving, but all I hear is gibberish. It sounds as if the correct audio was mixed around with added crackles and played for me. All other audio sounds fine. Reinstalling the game doesn't fix this. It only made it worse. I lost my save game in the process and now Sam and the moles at the beginning have started speaking in crackles with occasional intelligible words.

I'm using version (is there a newer version out?) under wine 1.3.34 on Arch Linux. I don't remember this happening last time I played this episode. It didn't happen at all on the first two episodes.
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