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Sam and Max and sbcg4ap issues (Linux)

posted by onexused on - Viewed by 230 users
I'm having some problems with some Telltale games which don't stop me from playing them, or continuing my game, but could be looked at if anyone can reproduce them. I'm currently using wine 1.3.34 on Arch Linux.

- The only thing that ever shows on the left side of the startup screens on Sam and Max Seasons 1 and 2 is Bosco looking scared and holding up his hands (though maybe this isn't a bad thing as it seems to be used for promotion). See attachments: "106 winxp.jpg" vs "106 wine.jpg". Something similar happens for sbcg4ap demos.
- Many buttons are missing from the startup screens on Sam and Max Seasons 1 and 2 (and sbcg4ap also). Again, see attachments: "106 winxp.jpg" vs "106 wine.jpg". I can click where the buttons should be, but it's still annoying.
- In S&M 302, if I choose to put the bust of Sammun-Mak back on the trip plate in the tomb, the trip plate is depressed, but there is no bust! I can't click the spot, and it isn't in my inventory either. I had to reload from the latest auto save.
- The pop-up text for reel 3 in S&M 302 says "reel3" where the other three reels have a space before the number.
- In S&M Season 3, after switching areas and entering/exiting dialogs a certain number of times (I wonder if this is based on RAM usage or something. When ram usage is above ~40%, it happens more often.), video and mouse movement (but not audio) start to lag horribly. Pressing escape, minimizing the game, then restoring it and exiting the pause screen/menu fixes this until it happens again.
- Even when I have the hint level set to 0 (no bars lit up) in S&M Season 3, I still a few hints: the Max badge swivels slowly when it would be useful to use one of his powers, Sam or Max reminds me what I'm supposed to do while I'm just walking around, etc.
- In the first reel of S&M 302, Kringle's cookies arrive back at his seat before he does after he falls down trying to enter the Sphunx.
- In the ending scene of S&M 302, Charlie Ho-Tep is back on the Sphunx's tongue after Max uses ventriloquism on Papierwaite.
- And for the nit-picking bunch, full reels of film are only ever seen on the top/front holder of the projector in S&M 302. Both when they're put on, and when they're finished. Afaik, this is inconsistent with that type of projector's usage.
- In sbcg4ap 101 (but not the rest), every voice has a constant, high, screech overlaying it. (Make sure you're young/have good hearing for this one: My mother can't hear it.)
- In sbcg4ap season 1, eyes and mouths occasionally disappear until I switch areas.

Last, I don't suppose there's a way to tell the games never to try to access the Telltale site after I've registered them? When I'm disconnected from the Internet, it takes quite a while for season 3 episodes to show the start screen while they try to find community content. If I'm connected or all network interfaces are down, they start up much faster even if they cannot access community content.
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