Back to the Future in the UK

I'm a little disappointed that this game has to be ordered from the States. Is this a similar problem with other Telltale games ? Tales of Monkey Island is a great game and I'm sure it would make sense to make them more accessible in the UK. I've ordered BTTF and I may have to wait six weeks.


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    Or you could just buy the digital copy, play it directly, and only pay shipping cost for the boxed copy.
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    When you say digital copy I take it you mean download. My internet connection is slow for downloads so I decided not to do that. What happens if you pay, start downloading and then get cut off, do you have to pay again ???
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    No, they're yours to keep. It's even in the descriptions / FAQs / forums / whatever it states they're yours to keep.

    Seriously, people need to stop pussying out about these things. Almost all good download services or developers that provide digital copies online have the ability to allow you to download them for as many times as you want. It's the activation that counts for some, not the amount of downloads.
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    Oh be nice, Gary.

    Hey Floor_Inspector - if you've already ordered the BTTF disc from the Telltale store, you can go ahead and download the episodes from the Your Games page right now, as many times as you need to. It won't affect your ability to play from the disc or anything, and will save you waiting for international post. :)
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    Oh puzzlebox thanks for the "My Games" tip, what a neat idea !! I'll give it a go.
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