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Gift giving blunder

posted by fuzzy_mcbitty on - last edited - Viewed by 280 users
I just ordered Tales of Monkey Island as a gift for a friend. There was even a nifty check box to give as a gift. While I was at it, I claimed my $0 Devil's Playhouse AND tried to purchase a copy of the Devil's Playhouse for a friend. This is where things got dicey. There was no nifty check box. And now my account owns two copies of TDP that I clearly can't play at once.

Is there a way to have the #2 serial numbers turned into a "give as gift," or am I just out of luck? (I'm hoping for a solution that isn't "log my friend in as me so she can use her gift. I don't WANT her to use mine... I want her to have her own shiny Sam & Max fun...)

Any help would be wondrous...
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