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Jurassic Park Deluxe Edition, Unboxing!

posted by Faceslasher on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
So I just received my InGEN package from the local carrier pigeon. I must say that pigeon was quite friendly.

Now lets get move on to the package, WARNING: I have tampered with this, so it won't be quite fresh. I wanted to see what I got.

Here is the album, I couldn't embed them here due to the massive size of the pictures, so I had to make an album on IMGUR:

For the field guide, I couldn't get the whole book, I was running out of space, so I could only show the front of it, and trust me the book is huge.

Also the thumbnails are repeating on my end, they aren't all those Jurassic Park patches, dammit IMGUR

And thats pretty much the entire thing, props to Telltale for this!
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