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Sam and Max 101 German Sound Problem

posted by MaxwellGladwell on - last edited - Viewed by 501 users
I bought the collection in the steam sale and started playing the game. However in the german audio whenever there is a dialogue the character doesnt say the last word. It always cuts out in the middle of the dialogue. It ruins a lot of the punchlines.
The english version is synced perfectly, so it must be a problem with the german audio files.
Is there a fix so the characters actually finish what they are saying?

I personally don't mind playing in english. It's probably better anyway, but my brother doesn't understand english very well yet.
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  • Are your video and audio drivers up to date?
  • Michael Parks;571016 said:
    Are your video and audio drivers up to date?
    Yes. The laptop I am using is 1 month old and has all the latest drivers.
    The same problem persists on my other computer. English audio is fine, but the german audio always ends the dialogue right before they finish talking. the last second is always missing.
  • The same problem here - any solution?


    I've talked to a Let's Player. He does not have this problem. He had the CD version. As it seems, Steam & Co. has an outdated version of the game.

    Edit 2:

    I've found in the Steam forum. This corrects all errors.

    Ok, temporary solution for you guys until I can get this fixed Steam-side: Ok, open up the pack data folder of the episode in question. For example C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\sam and max episode ...x...\Pack\data

    Then go down and find the file SamMax10...x..._english.ttarch and delete it. In fact, delete all of the ttarch files that aren't German just in case.

    Hopefully, when you boot up the game again, it will just work without any lines being cut off. If it doesn't though, please let me know.
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