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BTTF Disc vs PSN version

posted by Pooka218 on - last edited - Viewed by 721 users
Found out the disc version has a platinum trophy meanwhile the psn version doesn't. Is there a patch planned so those of us who did all 5 episodes can get it too?
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  • That wouldn't make any sense.

    I don't know why people want that platinum trophy so badly. If trophies are that important to you (which already seems really ridiculous to me), you should be happy that you got the PSN version. The trophies on the PSN version are valued much higher.
  • Then it's a good thing I chose NOT to buy the Disc Version, or the PSN Version, for that matter, because thanks to the PlayStation Plus Service, I was able to get the BTTF Game Bundle for free. Now THAT is a value worthy of brilliance!
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