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Games too simple and too short

posted by daro2096 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
Bit dissapointed with these games so far.

No real interaction in the game.

It is just a story. The only playing involved is asking the right questions and using the right objection point.

Not worth the £1.99 I paid for it. I expected better from Telltale.
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  • beamerboy;572702 said:
    All through Episode 1 I kept asking myself if this was a straight ripoff of an episode I'd already seen. Fact of the matter is that the plot components are an amalgam of aired episodes, and there's minimal new or engaging to continue to buy further episodes of this game. :p
    I'm stopping at #1, as I know Telltale can do better (Sam & Max and Monkey island were sooo cool!):winslow:
    Well thats disappointing.
  • Wow. This does not give me high hopes of telltale's future.(Please don't wreck the Walking Dead Telltale).
  • I hope telltale is not going the hidden object route in future games.
  • It's sad it's not close to CSI. Not gonna buy this, hoping for puzzle solving adventure games :)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I wish the PC/Mac version of L&O was out soon, because right now I think a couple of guys are just going back and forth about a game they have never even played.

    Dashing's BTTF analysis (which I approve) is of course a lampoon. Visible disappointment with the game puts certain things more into focus than others, which doesn't necessarily make the critique less valid. Such massive effort to analyse every detail necessarily results in "nitpicking". Of course it does. I feel that this is quite all right though because neither is the big picture neglected, nor can a good adventure game afford to disregard said details. But this is not the place to talk about BTTF yet again.

    What we have here are the clashing critiques of two extremes - uninspired, entirely "easy" puzzles on the one hand and illogical "hard" puzzles on the other. I can say with some certainty that most people on these forums would wish for game designers to find a balance between the two, to keep the feeling of a challenge high while avoiding frustration. And who knows, you might even both belong to that group.

    "Adventure" is already one of the least defined genres in video game culture. And from the look of things, applying the "adventure" puzzle paradigm to L&O might be a bit more difficult here than it was in BTTF.

    From reports up to now, I have classified L&O:L as less of a "puzzle solving" experience and more of a "choose your own adventure" design. Cases act out differently according to your choices, results will explicitly vary. Seems like a valid and interesting concept to me, so I'd give it a try and reserve judgement for later.
  • mjc0961;575284 said:

    People actually read that wall of crap?

    Honestly, if that's the kind of extremely pointless nitpicking that guy wants to bring to the table, I'm not even going to be bothered to read the rest and I'm probably not going to be too bothered to concern myself with the thoughts of anyone who takes that rant seriously.
    I'm not going to start another BttF debate in the L&O forums. If you want to argue against what Dashing said then it would be best to do it in his thread.
  • I don't really think of Telltale's stuff as "video games" so much as "seminonlinear interactive animated movies," & I love that about them.
  • Well, I must say, I was disappointed in JP. Why? It played like a movie.
    But it's a good thing too, but I miss the interaction, the puzzles and stuff. Even though it's tense, it could have been better in many ways. I don't really like the direction TT is heading, I know TT opens up for a broader audience, but we adventure gamers that has been here from the beginning still is waiting for the next puzzle-solving game.

    I mean, TT was the new LucasArts. Then they rocked like kings when they got S&M and MI. I just hope with TWD they can show us that they still are here :) Maybe even make two different approaches. One option with puzzles and one without. Like MI2 (easy and hard).

    If they are stopping developing real adventure games, I hope they tell me soon, so I won't have to be disappoined by their next releases :)

    If they only were developing the Monkey Island movie..... with puzzles :P
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