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Correct answer rejected in football pass puzzle

posted by pascal_cuoq on - last edited - Viewed by 877 users
The "football pass in glass factory" puzzle rejects correct answers.

The correct but currently rejected alternative answer starts from the lower right-hand-side corner and ends in the middle of the factory. The upper right-hand-side player is only the penultimate in that solution.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Whether you are talking about "New Employee Error" or "Cut Your Losses", I'm only able to find one solution.
    In "New Employee Error", there is no real possibility to finish in the middle since the two players on the far right of the screen can only possibly make a pass to one other player (whereas all the others have at least 2 options) and therefore have to be at the end of the "chain".
    Is it possible that in the "Cut Your Losses" puzzle you don't follow the "EXACTLY once" (that also applies to the every player part of the instructions) part of the assignment?
    If that's not the case, could you possibly post a screen grab of your solution?
  • I'm pretty sure that pascual_cuoq is talking about "New Employee Error", and I just saw the same issue. If you start with the football player in the lower-right-hand corner, there is a pretty clear "standard" solution that presents itself.

    However, you can still solve the puzzle by switching the order of the last two players, since players 6, 7, and 8 are basically in a line. The game, however, does not recognize this as a valid solution.

    A screenshot with the order of the non-standard solution is included.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    It appears that you are right and I apologize.
    Also, congratulations on finding a mistake that apparently no one else found (or mentioned on the forums) since the game's release a year and a half ago (additional kudos if you prove me wrong a second time by finding a mention of that issue that predates yours in a different thread :D).
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